Recalling Sonny Bono’s Palm Springs political occupation

The petition to recall Palm Springs Mayor Sonny Bono garnered 2,000 signatures just one particular calendar year into his phrase. That he had develop into mayor at all was a notable celebration in a remarkable life. Bono experienced constantly reinvented himself. This most up-to-date incarnation as mayor of Palm Springs was no additional unbelievable than his past existences as songwriter, singer, record producer, cabaret nightclub actor, film producer, tv star and restaurateur.

It was as a restaurateur in Palm Springs that his political daily life started. In 1988, he wished a bigger indication for his restaurant and was discouraged by Palm Springs Metropolis Hall, “It’s a actual cliquey town. And their mindset is if you never like it—tough!” He settled to solve the trouble by running for mayor and then working the city.